Okay, so I know not many of the people on this website look at these things, but it seems useful for those who want some background on myself.

To start off, I’m opinionated. Very opinionated. That doesn’t mean I voice my opinion all the time and it doesn’t mean I’m a maliciously judgmental person. I’m just particular of how things ought to be in my environment and choose to affiliate with only certain individuals for that reason.

And, we’re off to see the wizard…

On the side of being opinionated, I’m very lenient. I don’t uphold my own ideas and concepts to the bone and I’m not one to care how other people live their lives. If you ask for my opinion, be very careful how you ask your question and know what you’re asking beforehand. Most of the time, I don’t care about your feelings when it comes to my opinions. I’ll be honest to a T. Disagreements, arguments that are non-violent/threatening, and debates are a guarantee, but hatred, grudges, and fights aren’t my style.

And, now, some random FAQ…


  • John, but opsoyo is widely accepted for online peeps.


  • 6’ 5” (198.12 cm).


  • Calculate for yourself: June 1st, 1995


  • *sigh*

Sexual/Romantic Predilection

  • If you ask this question, I’ll ask what effect it’ll have on you.
    Note: I may play the run around, but be a bit more attentive than most and you’ll most likely find your answer.

Zodiac Sign

  • Gemini, fool!

Reblog This For Me?/Promote/Rate/Vote/Follow For Follow…

  • a) I follow you because I like your content, not because you’re following me back. So, fuck off in that regard.
    b) All the other stuff:


  • Not much to elaborate on here. If you hate, I’ll reply accordingly to my mood and the topic you’re pressing.
    Note: Hate makes you stronger, adds experience, increases wisdom, and advances one’s own knowledge. So, I promote hate. Go for it, but know what you’re getting into before starting it. Hate is a mosh pit. Once you’re in, you better know how to survive.

Finally, if you lived through that rubbish:

  • I’ve studied HTML coding for 7 years and JavaScript 3-4 years. If you have any requests about how to do what, let me know. It’s one of those 2nd nature skills. :D
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